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Wood Pore Acoustic

We examined the pore structure of the trees by magnifying then 10 times under the microscope.
The pore structures and the sound are parallel despite the same technical features.

Peruvian Walnut

The medium size and irregular pores of the Peruvian Walnut Wood highlight the:
• Strong drum presentation
• Bass guitar and cello texture

English Black Cherry

The small and regular pores of the Black Cherry Wood highlight the:
• Clear vocal
• Guitar texture
• Deep Bass

Santos Mahogany

The large and irregular pores of the Santos Mahogany Wood highlight the:
• Lean bass
• Wide soundstage
• Fun sound signature with air

Aegean Olive

The small size and irregular pores of the Aegean Olive Wood highlight the:
• Wind instruments texture and keyboard
• Detailed bass presentation

Frequency Filtering System

The hearing curves show a significant a peak sensitivity around 3500 -4000 Hz. There is another enhanced sensitivity region at about 13,500 Hz which may be associated with the third harmonic resonance of the auditory canal. The Frequency Filtering System block these resonance frequencies. Delivers clear and comprehensive vocal performance.


Driver: Full Range Liquid Silicone Dynamic Driver

  • 20-20000 Hz Frequency Range
  • 35 ohm@1kHz Impedance
  • <%0.1@1kHz THD

  • Isolation: -25 dB
    Cable: %99.9 pure copper with mmcx and vibration stabilizer
    Connector: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm options

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    Alula +

    Alula+ has Electro static (ESD) + dynamic driver combination with crossover.

  • 20-40000 Hz Frequency Range
  • 16 ohm@1kHz Impedance
  • <%0.1@1kHz THD

  • Isolation: -23 dB
    Cable: %99.9 pure copper or silver options with mmcx and vibration stabilizer.
    Connector: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm options

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    Titanium Nozzle

    Thanks to the titanium nozzle and foam tips, it blocks external sounds up to 25 db. You get away from the city noise. Other people's conversations don't bother you. You do not hear engine noise in public transport. You can enjoy the peace of music even at low volume.


    Solid Walnut Box
    Leather Carrying Case
    Leather Cable Organizator
    Comply Foam AudioPro Tips ( 1 set)
    S, M, L sizes silicone ear tips

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    Cable Technology

    • Alula +

      Alula+ has landed, and So far, I’m utterly over the moon. The Turkish reputation for premium craftsmanship reall y displays itself in the fit, finish of the entire package. Only the first day, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to evaluate vs my other headphones; but, from the box, no burn in, there’s a wonderful magic to the detail, intimacy of the recordings (especially jazz, acoustic pieces (Patricia Barber, Dominique Fils Aimé are especially wonderful)).

      - Todd Dubbled
    • Alula

      Mid frequencies and vocals are very clean and enjoyable to listen to. The trebles provide a very comfortable and spacious presentation. I used it while playing drums, mixing and mastering. The isolation and other instruments it provided while playing the drums made me choose Alula..

      - Gerçek Dorman
    • Alula

      Great design! A soft and transparent headphones, especially the treble frequencies are extremely soft. I strongly recommend you to try it. You will be able to enjoy music on the move..

      - Cagan Tunalı
    • Alula

      The Copplinn Team has done a great job! 🌟 The first thing that comes to mind when I see these designer headphones ... The past seems to have adapted to the present ... It is so obvious that everything has been carefully considered from the cable to the box! And how this headphones goes beyond the "headphones" idea and turns into an object of desire ... ✨ I have no words to say about the quality of its sound anyway! May the roads be clear! Good luck! 🍀

      - Designer and Color Specialist

    ALULA Made
    From %99 Natural Materials

    We use %99 recyclable material.

    • Wood
    • Titanium
    • Copper
    • Silver
    • Leather

    1 Year

    We provide one year warranty on all parts. Including cable.

    Hand Made

    Designed and produced with 8 years of knowledge and manual labor.