In the distal parts of the constellation's tail and head, three striking star pairs glitter; Alula, Tania, Talitha. These are the footprints of the first, second and third leaps of a gazelle.

Here is Alula. Discover the natural and soft sound of ALULA that is renewed by the acoustic strong bodied of the famous Spanish mahogany tree, which has long production time and heat processing.


Memories are sacred to all of us. They want to be remembered.

Thanks to hearing, halographic structures in our brain allow us to re-enact our memories.

Clear and detailed sound is the most important factor for us to feel the transfer of emotions in our memories better.


Alula's sound can stimulate holograms in our brain, making you feel your emotions deeper.

  • Super isolation and comfort

  • FFS technology

  • Rechangeable mmcx cable

  • Clear and detailed sound​


Alula made from %99 natural materıals

We use %99 recyclable material.

  • Wood

  • Titanium

  • Copper

  • Silver



We provide a lifetime warranty on all wood and titanium parts.

Hand Made


Designed and produced with 8 years of knowledge and manual labor.

Be Frıend

Satisfied customers thanks to a dedicated and fast response system.




  • Titanium Nozzle

  • Heat process Spanish Mahogany wood housing


  • Full Range Balanced Armature

  • 20 - 20000 Hz frequency range

  • 50ohm@1kHz 

  • 104dB@1kHz 

  • 126dB@50mVa max. output


  • Frequency Filtering System patenting by Copplinn

  • 3.5 and 13.5 kHz resonance blocking

  • Custom sound design options

  • Absorb harsh and redundant frequencies


  • Pure copper or pure silver options

  • 2.5, 3.5, 4.4 mm connectors

  • Rechangeable mmcx

  • Litz wiring

  • All connectors and Y-split made with chrome plated


Stereo Mecmuası / Hifi ve Müzik Konulu Türkçe Elektronik Dergi

I designed this headset, which has the power of detail and makes the scene feel. In these seven years we worked on, I accepted it as our first priority to discover emotions that you did not realize or discover, and increased the variety of emotions you feel.

Stereo Mecmuası / Turkish Electronic Journal on Hifi and Music


Titanium Nozzle

In order to hear detailed and accurate sound, it is necessary to be free from environmental noise and ambient sound. That's why we used space titanium in the nozzle section, which provides superior passive insulation.

Frequency Filtering System

The resonance frequencies are 3500 hz in architectural acoustics and 13500 hz in stage acoustics.

Avoid resonance frequencies thanks to the frequency filtering system.



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